Wednesday, April 26, 2006


With all 3 of my girl pregnancies I have craved oranges. With this baby, the cravings started in December, but as I had no idea I was pregnant (otherwise known as avoiding reality) and I just assumed it was because of the mandarin oranges, which I normally eat plenty of in November and December. I think I tripled my intake this year.

With Taylor and Liam both I loved slushes and freezies. Oh, I could have had one everyday. And probably did most days, even on the coldest days of winter.

Aside from oranges, I do not recall any particular cravings with Saoirse.

However, with this baby I crave 2 things. Nibs and Nerds. The nibs I can live with, they are reasonably low fat, supposing you keep it in moderation. But the nerds. They are nothing but pure sugar. And really are quite disgusting if you think about it. Little balls of dyed sugar. Sorta gross.

But I could kill for a pack of nerds right about now.


Hoping said...

I used to love Nerds.....still do sometimes but I find that I am not in the candy sections as much as I once was about 15 years ago :)

Chas said...

Fill me in...what is a Nib?

Emmakirst said...

yah, when you get down and really think about the balls of sugar all dyed, that makes em sound less appealing. lol.

I had some terrible cravings for lemon meringue pie. Holy crap, i had to eat a piece for breakfast and lunch, hehe. Other than chocolate that's about it.

Emma in Canada said...

It's licorice. It's made by Twizzler, but it's more solid than a twizzler. You can them long or small. It's not avery good description but they are delicious.

Devynn said...

I TOTALLY crave Nibs. I have craved them the entire pregnancy. Pineapple is the other thing I crave a lot of. I eat about one a week. I had a girlfriend that craved McDonalds her whole pregnancy...needless to say, she didn't have the healthiest pregnancy. :P Admittedly, I have crave McDonalds three times over the last nine months, but I usually go with hubby and eat a few of his fries and I'm good to go. I don't eat McDonalds ever. I really can't stand it. And whenever we would go to my girlfriends house when she was pregnant, there would no doubt be McDonalds bags everywhere...ewww....At least Nerds are better than McDonalds...but I agree...they are nasty. BTW: Costco sells nibs...LOL