Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm pregnant, I'm allowed to change my mind

I have changed my mind on a girl's name. I would like to call her Ruari, which is a name I like for either boy or girl. The only thing is that people might think she is named after Rory from the Gilmore Girls, which she would NOT be.

The only other thing is that William said no.

Bloody men. Honestly, what right do they have to have any say in the name at all? Is it not me that will have gone through 9 months of pregnancy plus untold hours of an unsuccessful labour only to have my stomach cut open? I think it is and therefore I think the name choice should be all mine.

He is however a lovely fella, and I suppose I should allow him some veto choice in the matter. He said to me last night "I thought you had already picked a name."
Well, I had, but as I say I'm allowed to change my mind. Or at least consider changing it.

He said no to it, because it is a boys name in his mind. Once upon a time so was Taylor, but she arrived in the days before we met so he really had no choice whatsoever in her name. Oddly enough, he once said to me that if he had had a boy he would have liked Liam as a name. Luckily, he ended up with my Liam as it appears that he may be the only son in William's life.

So I don't know what will happen, it may be that everyone thinks her name will be Sophie until she arrives and William just happens to maybe say "You can call her whatever you want!" I might get really lucky that way.


Hoping said...

I love the name! Hubby will come around hopefully.

Emmakirst said...

I really like the name too. I like both actually, but of course you can change your mind! And i totally think it should be our choice. lol.
We still have finalized the name for this baby yet and i could potentially have her in a few days :o)

Boliath said...

bugger I'd typed a whole reply and then I lost it when I signed in - blogger bastards!

Anyway in brief, Ruairi or Rory or even Ruadhiri is a fantastic name but I have to side with William here, you're fine this side of the pond but if ye move over there and I know that is a possibilty, she will be explaining her gender for the rest of her life.

I have a cat called Ruairi, he's a dote, I'm sorry I used the name up on him. I also have a dog names Sile or Sheila, sorry I used up that name too.

Some other suggestions, all name I can't use 'cos I know people with them otherwise you wouldn't be getting them :c)

Ailbhe - AYLvah means elfin child, my nieces name
Orla - golden princess, also nieces name
Eibhlin or Evelyn, good friend who passed away, fab name, she pronounced it EEVlynn, but you can also say it Ehvlynn
Eileen - too common?
Siofra - SHEfrah, sister in law - too much like Saoirse?
Aideen or Eadaoin, my sisters name, love it love it love it
Aisling - means vision, pronounced ASHling or ASHleen, nieces name

Can you tell I love baby name quests?

Hee hee

Glad everything is going well!
Roisin - ROWsheen, have a cat with this name

Emma in Canada said...

The problem with Irish names is that they look beautiful written, but are a pain in the arse for us Englishers to say, and I'm a bit better at it than most of the people I know. I love Aisling, but it's too close to Ashley.

I once had a cat who went out and populated the cat world three times over. Most of her kittens were given Irish names for the brief time we had them including both a Rory and a Saoirse. Taylor had one that she had actually called Irish, but it came to a terrible end when I stepped on its head.

I think you once wrote your son's name in a comment, I have never seen it before. How do you say it?

Boliath said...

It's like Hugh but with an L - Lou or Loo but spelled Lugh. He - Lugh or LĂș in modern Irish was King of the Tuatha de Danaan a Celtic God of the Sun and of the Harvest.

You stepped on the kittens head? Oh jesus... poor you, poor Taylor, poor kitty! I feel sick now :c(