Monday, April 24, 2006

My doctor's office increases my blood pressure

I spent my entire day today ringing my doctors office only to get a busy signal everytime. I finally got through at 2.30, only to discover that they are totally booked up and can't get me in until next Monday. Jaysus, Mary and Joseph, says I, that's an awfully long wait when you have headaches so bad you can barely function on a civil level.

I think I may be forced to go visit my family doctor, even though he is a complete quack. Ah, maybe I'll just go to the medi-centre down the road. I'll wait for ages, but they are good.

But then I think what's the point? There's nothing they can do really. Other than make me pee in a cup. Which I suppose would let me know if I have protein in my urine 5 days earlier than my doctor's office. I did ask if there was any in my sample 2 weeks ago and I was told "trace amounts." Which I thought was no big deal, but according to my friend might turn into a big deal.

In good news, my bp was 130/80 on Sunday. I am assuming it is higher today as my headaches are worse, but who knows.

All I can say is August better get here soon.


Hoping said...

Sorry to hear you are not so much enjoying your pregnancy right now. Hope you feel better soon.

Emmakirst said...

Hopefully those headaches will go away for you soon!