Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Somebody slap me

I have spent so much time bitching over the last few days that it is no wonder Hoping left me a comment saying that she was sorry I wasn't enjoying my pregnancy right now.

Sometimes I'm a bit of a dolt. I am enjoying the pregnancy, but not the headaches and all!

Instead of focusing only on the negatives I could have pointed out that each time I feel her move I have such a thrill.

I love how sometimes when she realizes I have stopped talking she gives me a wee boot so that I say hello to her. At least, I like to assume that she knows I'm no longer talking and just wants to hear my voice!

I even love when she goes into a certain position and suddenly I have to go to the loo, even if I was only just there 10 minutes ago.

I love how when Liam pushes on my belly, she pushes back. He tortures her just like he used to do to Saoirse in utero.

I love the fact that in just 5 days, William is going to be able to experience all this with me (yep, even the downs- that man will suffer!) and that Saoirse will learn she is having a baby sister.

So there most definitely are positives, and seeing her in just over 3 months will be the greatest positive of all.


Hoping said...

Emma, I didn't mean for you to give some sort of explanation.....I am sure pregnancy is daunting and on your blog is your place to vent -- if people judged me by my blog I am sure they would think I am a depressed miscarrier and that is all I ever think about :) Truly I am embarassed I left such a comment as I should know that that doesn't mean you are not enjoying your pregnancy.....sorry sister!
I still like to read about the kicking that is utterly and truly sweet.

Emma in Canada said...

I didn't mean it to come across like that at all! I had been thinking myself that I needed to post about the good things, of which there are plenty.

Chas said...

Aww..it's coming up soon! I probably sounded like I didn't enjoy my pregnancy based on what I wrote in my blog, but I really did. I just used my blog to vent my frustrations.