Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The 6 week check up (3 weeks late) and 2 month shots

Last Wednesday, Sophie had her 2 month shots and weigh in. She weighs 11lbs 14oz (75th percentile) and measures 22 1/4" (25th.) Oddly, while she weighed almost a pound less than Saoirse at birth (8 lbs to Saoirse's 8 15) she is almost a pound heavier than what Saoirse was at this point. Ah, the power of breastfeeding going well. She screamed bloody murder for the 3 shots, and tensed her leg so much so that the nurse commented on it. So all is well with her. She's doing great, a pure pleasure these days. Did I ever mention that for the first month I thought I was going to lose my mind? Thank God it's over.

I had my rescheduled postpartum appointment on the Friday. Sophie was fantastic, fell asleep while we were walking over and stayed asleep until we were back home. In the fantastic, I-am-so-bloody-proud-of-myself news I now weigh 10lbs less than when I got pregnant with Sophie. Only another thousand pounds to go. Well, not quite of course, it just feels like it. However, I have a bit of a yeast infection. I had no idea. I was asked what method of contraception we are using. I laughed at that one. With one or both girls in the bed every night, abstinence is the name of the game. Which completely sucks and hopefully will end soon. I am going to get the shots in my arm. As much as I hate needles, I hate the idea of swallowing a pill everyday and I never could get used to shoving things up there. So the shots it will be. Until they get banned anyway.