Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Stats

Doctor appointment: May 30th
Number of weeks pregnant: 30 and 2 days
Uterus measuring: 36 weeks.
Weight gained: 1 lb
Current weight: ??? Still not brave enough to look. It has nothing to do with baby, it's just me being fat, fat, fat.
Blood pressure: 117/70. I knew it would drop when I left work.

My appointment was for 10.45 and amazingly I was out of there by 11.20. The doctor wasn't even there when I arrived. It was another quick one with her. My hemoglobin is low, so I either need to eat iron rich foods or take a supplement. Yuck to both says I. I have been informed though, that if I have to have a section, there is a chance for increased blood loss.

BTW, my doctor had been up from 1am delivering babies. I wonder how many hours she gets on average. And how often she sees her family. Her children must have had a 24 hour nanny. Still, I suppose that's part of the reason so many people choose to have her as a doctor. I wouldn't say it's for the bedside manner, but for the fact that she is probably one of a few doctors who actually deliver the majority of her patients babies.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Update

Hoping has ordered me to update, so I shall, just for her! It's nice to know someone is wondering how you are doing.

I just updated the other blog so if you've read that you will know that I have gone on maternity leave. It's way too early, but I am pleased to be off for the next year. It will be good to spend some one on one time with Saoirse before the baby arrives. I was originally supposed to work until August 3rd (high hopes on my part, seeing as how I finished at 7 months with Saoirse as well!) and then, because we were moving, I changed it to July 20th. It ended up being yesterday.

There's not much new with the pregnancy, except all this past week she changed her quiet times. Usually when I was at work she would not move at all, I suppose because I was constantly on the go, but at home she would be forever moving about. This week was the oppopsite, all day long it was kicks that hurt like a bugger, and nothing at all in the evening. Today, however, she has been on the go, I watched my stomach bouncing around like there was a little alien in there for a good five minutes.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow I will be 30 weeks. In 12 weeks, I will have a baby. I say 12 because if she is anything like the others then she will be late. I have been induced with all three, but I would like to go into labour on my own so we are going to wait as long as we are allowed. Which rules out the planned c-section! I think William would actually like to see a birth that does not entail cutting part of me open and since he is not going to get his boy, I guess I can do this for him. The section's nice and fast, but getting in and out of bed for the next 6 weeks is a great big pain in the arse.

Knowing my luck, of course, she will probably arrive early; just to interfere with my moving plans. There is one thing in life that I do not fancy and that is moving house with a newborn and a toddler. It's almost as bad as moving when you're 9 months pregnant. Almost, but not quite!

Anyways, now that I am officially unemployed I will be posting more often. Next doctor's appointment is Tuesday, so will post then.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yet another doctor's appointment

Wait time to see doctor: 1 hour and 10 minutes
Length of time with doctor: approximately 3 minutes, plus a 30 second call back
Blood pressure: 138/74
Weight gained in 1 week: 9lbs (lol! a massive screw up on part of the NA, she wrote in my file that I lost 5 lbs at the last appointment, so really this was a 4 lb weight gain, which is terrible for one week, but she wrote down that I had no weight gain at all, so I have no idea what is going on!)
Number of weeks pregnant:27 and 1 day
Uterus measuring: 32 weeks (make up your mind baby, or stop sticking your bum in the air)
Protein in urine: minimal
Blood sugar:5.3
Other blood test news: Iron is too low, hinted that I must take my Materna
Next appointment: May 30 (the day I see INXS)

This appointment was a total waste of time. She was too rushed, and other than hearing the heartbeat, which I can do at home, there was no point to it. She is not concerned about my blood pressure, and only says to rest when I have headaches. I'm finding it very frustrating. She wanted to see me again in 2 weeks (I was hoping for a month) but is away on holidays so I will see her the 30th. Why? I am tired of waiting and having no concise answers. My doctor desperately needs a partner. She's way to busy for one person. I discovered that she triple books each appointment time. I suppose most of them do really.

In other news, baby is kicking up a storm, I am loving it.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The appointment between appointments

Number of weeks pregnant: 26 and 1 day
Uterus measuring: 26 weeks
Weight gained: 1lb
Current weight: No idea, won't look
Blood pressure:130/76 (down from a high of 159)
Wait time to see doctor: 45 minutes
Length of time spent with doctor: 2 minutes
Next appointment: Monday, May 8

I made this appointment because of the blood pressure and headaches, but my doctor does not seem at all concerned. I explained that the headaches are especially bad when I am at work and my blood pressure goes right up. She said that when I get home from work I need to sit and do absolutely nothing for at least 45 minutes. William was there to hear that, not that I do much on days I work when he is around anyway, as he always makes dinner those nights. He's a sweetie really. This was his first time hearing baby's heartbeat. She still won't kick him though. She ordered a couple of extra blood and urine tests, and said she'd see me in a week. So hopefully all is well.

I did the glucose test today. That orange juice tastes exactly like some drink my kids love and I can't think of who does it. Bibo maybe. Nice to know my kids are drinking pure sugar though. The girl who did my blood test was not great, could not find a vein in my right arm, but still poked me, and then had to use the left. Have I ever said I hate, hate, hate with a passion needles? I really do. I hate getting them, could never dream of giving them and can't even watch a pretend one on T.V. I sometimes wonder how I managed getting a tattoo without calling it off.