Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Update

Hoping has ordered me to update, so I shall, just for her! It's nice to know someone is wondering how you are doing.

I just updated the other blog so if you've read that you will know that I have gone on maternity leave. It's way too early, but I am pleased to be off for the next year. It will be good to spend some one on one time with Saoirse before the baby arrives. I was originally supposed to work until August 3rd (high hopes on my part, seeing as how I finished at 7 months with Saoirse as well!) and then, because we were moving, I changed it to July 20th. It ended up being yesterday.

There's not much new with the pregnancy, except all this past week she changed her quiet times. Usually when I was at work she would not move at all, I suppose because I was constantly on the go, but at home she would be forever moving about. This week was the oppopsite, all day long it was kicks that hurt like a bugger, and nothing at all in the evening. Today, however, she has been on the go, I watched my stomach bouncing around like there was a little alien in there for a good five minutes.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow I will be 30 weeks. In 12 weeks, I will have a baby. I say 12 because if she is anything like the others then she will be late. I have been induced with all three, but I would like to go into labour on my own so we are going to wait as long as we are allowed. Which rules out the planned c-section! I think William would actually like to see a birth that does not entail cutting part of me open and since he is not going to get his boy, I guess I can do this for him. The section's nice and fast, but getting in and out of bed for the next 6 weeks is a great big pain in the arse.

Knowing my luck, of course, she will probably arrive early; just to interfere with my moving plans. There is one thing in life that I do not fancy and that is moving house with a newborn and a toddler. It's almost as bad as moving when you're 9 months pregnant. Almost, but not quite!

Anyways, now that I am officially unemployed I will be posting more often. Next doctor's appointment is Tuesday, so will post then.


Emmakirst said...

Glad to get an update :) I went off on maternity leave too, I was thinking i would stay until 35 wks, (haha, yah right), i went off at 28 wks. It'll be good to have the time alone though with Saoirse. I hope you get to go early like 38 wks and on your own with this baby. Did you decide on a name yet?

Emma in Canada said...

I wanted to have her early as well, but now we are moving the week before the due date so I hope she stays put. Still can't decide between Sophie and Ruari.

Hoping said...

thank you! it is great to know that you are now home! how exciting to get to spend more time with your kids!