Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Stats

Doctor appointment: May 30th
Number of weeks pregnant: 30 and 2 days
Uterus measuring: 36 weeks.
Weight gained: 1 lb
Current weight: ??? Still not brave enough to look. It has nothing to do with baby, it's just me being fat, fat, fat.
Blood pressure: 117/70. I knew it would drop when I left work.

My appointment was for 10.45 and amazingly I was out of there by 11.20. The doctor wasn't even there when I arrived. It was another quick one with her. My hemoglobin is low, so I either need to eat iron rich foods or take a supplement. Yuck to both says I. I have been informed though, that if I have to have a section, there is a chance for increased blood loss.

BTW, my doctor had been up from 1am delivering babies. I wonder how many hours she gets on average. And how often she sees her family. Her children must have had a 24 hour nanny. Still, I suppose that's part of the reason so many people choose to have her as a doctor. I wouldn't say it's for the bedside manner, but for the fact that she is probably one of a few doctors who actually deliver the majority of her patients babies.

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Chas said...

I loved my doctor because he delivers almost all of his babies...unless he's on vacation of course. I often wondered how much time he actually got to spend with his small brood of children.