Thursday, May 04, 2006

The appointment between appointments

Number of weeks pregnant: 26 and 1 day
Uterus measuring: 26 weeks
Weight gained: 1lb
Current weight: No idea, won't look
Blood pressure:130/76 (down from a high of 159)
Wait time to see doctor: 45 minutes
Length of time spent with doctor: 2 minutes
Next appointment: Monday, May 8

I made this appointment because of the blood pressure and headaches, but my doctor does not seem at all concerned. I explained that the headaches are especially bad when I am at work and my blood pressure goes right up. She said that when I get home from work I need to sit and do absolutely nothing for at least 45 minutes. William was there to hear that, not that I do much on days I work when he is around anyway, as he always makes dinner those nights. He's a sweetie really. This was his first time hearing baby's heartbeat. She still won't kick him though. She ordered a couple of extra blood and urine tests, and said she'd see me in a week. So hopefully all is well.

I did the glucose test today. That orange juice tastes exactly like some drink my kids love and I can't think of who does it. Bibo maybe. Nice to know my kids are drinking pure sugar though. The girl who did my blood test was not great, could not find a vein in my right arm, but still poked me, and then had to use the left. Have I ever said I hate, hate, hate with a passion needles? I really do. I hate getting them, could never dream of giving them and can't even watch a pretend one on T.V. I sometimes wonder how I managed getting a tattoo without calling it off.


Emmakirst said...

I super hate getting needles too. Surprisingly enough I don't mind giving them. I really thought i'd never be able to start an IV, but i find it kind of fun, sadistic i know... lol. It's always, "will i get it started this time, or am i gonna blow it and have to keep trying". I only try 3 times too before i give up. OH the joys of nursing.

Hoping said...

good to hear the doc went well, hope the blood tests come back good too. I also hate needles and always end up "gee is this your first day today?!" I love phlebotemists (sp?) just starting out. ahem.

Hoping said...

Hey Emma just wanted to check in and see how your doc appointment went on Monday? I am sure you are so busy with william and saoirse ( sp?) home!

Have a good rest of the week!