Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The headaches, the cramps and the forgetfulness

I am having extremely painful headaches. They are like contractions in that they come, last for a minute or so and go. 20 minutes later I have another one and so on and so on. I have never had this before.

I have plenty of headaches, very rarely are they enough to actually make me take some form of medication. This is because I despise swallowing pills. This is also the reason I am pregnant today, because I refused to go on birth control pills. Sometimes not liking to swallow pills is a good thing. Anyway, I don't like pills so unless is a headache is killing me I won't take anything.

The point of that spiel is to say that if it weren't for the fact that I am pregnant those headaches would have me running for the Tylenol with Codine. They are driving me crazy. The first one was last Wednesday, and it knocked me for six. If I hadn't have been holding onto the counter I am pretty sure I would have falled flat on my arse. It was like two drills on either side of my head, right behind my eyes, that made everything go black and left an odd ringing in my ears. It only lasted a minute or so and then that was it.

How strange I thought. Must take note of that. I was fine Thursday and then had a few on Friday. Saturday I was at work, and had about dozen of them. Sunday, the same thing, bothering me enough so that went to the ER and asked how long the waiting time was. Quite possibly I would have been there longer than the remainder of my shift, another 2 hours, so I chose not to wait.

They've been off and on all day today, nothing near as painful as they have been, but still enough to make me paranoid. With the high blood pressure at this month's appointment and now the headaches I am wondering if I might have pre-eclampsia. I don't really think it could be, but what's pregnancy without a little paranoia? I tried taking my blood pressure last night, but couldn't get the cuff around my arm tightly enough, and then couldn't even remember the proper way to take it. When do you listen for systolic and dystolic? Cannae remember for the life of me! I heard nothing, apparently I am dead.

And then there's the cramp in my calves. I have had these my whole life, ever since I was very little. I was away the other weekend and I was very much reminded of my childhood when I woke up screaming at about 5 in the morning. Nancy, my roomie, thought I was in labour. She hopped out of bed and I said no, no it's a cramp. She massaged my leg, which is just what my mum used to do when I was little. Twice she massaged it and it went away and as soon as I moved my leg it came back. The third time was the charm though. I ate about 6 bananas the next day to give myself a boost of calcium so that I didn't scream our wing down that night.

I now flex my toes everynight before I go to bed in the hopes of keeping the cramps at bay, it has worked so far. I flexed the wrong way this morning though, and got a cramp which I quickly flexed away.

And then there's the forgetfulness. Anyone who has read my other blog (yep, a shameful plug) knows that I am completely disorganized and can probably garner that I am slightly forgetful. I was supposed to book Saoirse's 18 month shots in March, but kept forgetting. It's hard when she's not right in front of you. I always think of it at inconvenient times like when I am in bed or at work. Anyway, I finally remembered this morning and made an appointment. I thought I wouldn't be able to get her in for ages, but I managed to get an appointment right on the 11th, her 18 month birthday. Happy birthday, babe, a shot in each leg for you. Welcome home too. They don't do mean things like that to her in Australia, she's fed enough chocolate to keep the Easter Bunny happy and let to run the house. It'll be a shock to her system when she gets home. No more sleeping in the bed, shots. What kind of mother does she have, she'll be wondering. Poor wee bugger.

12 days til they get home!


Emmakirst said...

Ouch on the headaches. I would definately call your dr. though, regardless, since its something new.
I have to book immunizations for my 4 yr old to get ready for school. Thanx for the reminder. I am quite forgetful also :P
must be all those kids.....

Boliath said...

12 days ! Yahoo!

Headaches - poor you I feel your pain, I had them so bad when I was pregnant I thought I had a brain tumour. Started going for massages every 2 weeks and all my aches and pains went away including sciatica, migraines, leg cramps, everything. It cost me $55 every 2 weeks, best money I ever spent.

Poor Saoirse, shots yuck, my little man is due them too anyday now he'll be 18 months on May 3rd, jesus time flies...

Hoping said...

I hope they come home quick, and you should go to the doctor!

(how's that for a little scolding today?)

Emma in Canada said...

Emmakirst, I hope your 4 year old is better than my 2 oldest were, they refused to have their shots done. At 11 and 10, they still don't. The clinic called me occassionally for 2 years until I finally said there was no way I'd get them in there. Oddly, my son loves needles now.

Boliath, I will have to check and see if massages are convered under my health care. I know they are at work, but sadly I don't qualify. I'd love to get rid of the sciatica I have had it since I was pregnant with Taylor.

Hoing, that was a grand scolding, I may even follow that advice!