Saturday, April 22, 2006

Good God, I'm some sort of whinger

My headaches are getting worse. I was at work today and it was very busy so there was little time to put my feet up as my doctor suggests. I think she's forgotten I have a job, which we see each other almost everytime I am there. Saw her today actually, she must have had a D&C scheduled or something, because there was only one labour today and it wasn't hers. Suppose she could have been on call, of course.

Anyway, I digress. It was busy, the headaches were killing me and everytime I was in emergency they were to busy for me to interrupt and ask if they would take my blood pressure. And possibly allow me to bypass the waiting room and see a doctor who might send me home. Ah no, not for me. However, if I was an ER nurse you can bet that I would have been put right into a room. There are perks to being a bitch. (no offense to you Emmakirst, I am sure you are a lovely nurse, like most of ours are with the exception of those in ER!)

Again, I digress. I'm a bit bitchy myself you see. I was up on one of the units and I felt very faint (it may have had to do with the 2 Russian Orthodox priests chanting in a patients room, it brings back bad memories*) so I asked the nurse to take my blood pressure.

159/77! It has never been that high in my life! She suggested that I go down to ER, especially since I was having headaches but I only had an hour left to go so I didn't bother. When I went to pick up Taylor and Liam up from my mum's I slept for a bit and then slept again for an hour when I got home. I feel better, but for the dull thud in my head.

*Memory: About 6 or 7 years ago my ex husband and I went to a wedding at a Russian Orthodox church. It was a really hot hot hot day and as the bride's uncle was singing a song he had written for the couple which just happened to include the lyrics "Woman, obey your man" repeated over and over and just as he happened to be singing said lyrics for what felt like the thousandth time -and very well may have been, the song was about 15 minutes long- the maid of honour fainted. My ex not only laughed he snorted and those who bothered to turn away from the spectacle at the front of the church all turned to stare at him. That church service was the longest 21/2 hours of my life.


Anonymous said...

I think you should see your doctor ASAP esp with the high bp combined with the headaches...preeclampsia?

Hoping said...

hope you get back to the doc and find out what is pounding your head so hard! I am no doc or telling you what to do, but you should go back in, it sounds like you are very uncomfortable.

Emmakirst said...

Hehe, no offense taken. I've met some really bitchy nurses, while a nurse and as a patient. So far I have managed to not be bitchy, but I do find it hard at times, especially coming on the end of shift.

Now about the headaches, does sound like a cause for concern, combined with the elevated bp. Keep us posted girl!

Boliath said...

Hey you, you should know better! Get yourself to the ER first thing in the morning, demand they take your bp and at least get the worry about pre-eclampsia off your plate. Seriously, don't make me come up there now!