Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Moving around

There are days that I wouldn't even know I was pregnant unless I actually look down at myself. I have not been sick at all, and she has not really been an active baby. Until now. I have discovered how to piss her off. I simply lie on my stomach and seconds later she is kicking away, saying "Hey fat girl, get all that weight off of me!" And so I do, well, after a moment or two of enjoying her kick. And then I flip over and she gives me a thank you kick and goes back to sleep. Or goes back to doing whatever it is she is doing in there.

Sometimes when I am sitting or lying still and rubbing my hands on my stomach it seems as though she is following my hands around. I love that feeling, its like she's letting me know she's out and about.

But it makes me sad that William is not yet here to enjoy it. He missed most of Saoirse moving around as he was gone from weeks 14-39. He will be home in just over a month though so he should have plenty of time with me forcing him to hold his hand on my stomach until she kicks him.

I wonder what Saoirse will think of my bigger tummy? We already suspect she will not like this baby at all, William is not allowed to hold anyone other than her. She probably won't care who or what I might be holding. Such a daddy's girl.

Can't wait to see them though. Only 4 weeks and 3 days to go.


Emmakirst said...

My youngest daughter is quite the daddy's girl too. It should be interesting to see how this goes after the baby comes.

I always loved the first kicks too. Now it's just more than a little cramped in there, she was pushing up against my ribs this morning to wake me up. That's a great wake up call. :)

Mary Boston said...

lol reading about you getting her to kick. My friends are constantly putting their hands and faces on my belly begging our little one to kick, I'll proudly announce "I'll get her to kick" and then push and poke my belly until the baby finally moves. My husband swears that as soon as I deliver the baby it's going to look up at me, smile and then splap me for all the pointless poking for entertainment.