Friday, March 17, 2006

The least active baby ever

Apparently I am over my 8 pound weight gain and have decided to add to the growing total as in the last three days I have had 2 bags of licorice allsorts as well as a bag (not the small size either) of salt and vinegar chips. They were delicious and I won't regret it.

Not until the next doctor's appointment anyway.

I am concerned about the lack of movement on this wee girl's part. I poke and prod and nothing. When I bugged Saoirse she let me know it. This one seems not to move at all. At my ultrasound the tech did say that she was actually kicking the placenta and that's why I wasn't feeling it, but I still worry.

I try and look at the positive...Liam was pretty quiet in utero (except for the hiccups) also and was probably my most pleasant baby. Taylor and Saoirse were active and tend to be my troublemakers. At least I suspect Saoirse will be if her first 16 months have been any indication.

So perhaps I should be grateful for how quiet this one is. It could be a good sign.


Emmakirst said...

Maybe this baby will be more laid back. She'll have to be in a household of kids alreay. That's what I'm thinking about this little one. LOL>

Emma in Canada said...

I hope she is, I really, really hope so. She did alot of kicking this morning when I went to bed but I think that was because I was up all night at work and I messed up her routine. If she has one that is!

Emmakirst said...

oh that'll do it for sure. Whenever i worked nights, to go to bed in teh am, or the day to go to bed at night, she'd get all active on me and keep me awake :P gotta love that.