Tuesday, March 21, 2006


No, not the food sort.

The sex sort. Um, that would be the gender sort, not the hop into bed and go at it like bunnies sort.

Today I saw the cutest, most adorable little boy in the entire world. And I wanted a boy sooooooooooo badly. The baby gave me a good kick as I was admiring this wee boy, probably thinking to herself "Wise up, woman, you're having a girl. Accept it or I will make your life a living hell." And she could, girls have that sort of power. I know, I have two already.

Did I say already that the thought of having two girls less than two years apart frightens the living bejesus out of me? If I didn't, I am telling you now and if I did, then I am simply repeating myself for effect.

I will tell you why it scares me:
1) My cousin Jane and her sister Suzanne are a few years apart. Suzanne was somewhat cruel to Jane growing up and even today Jane still bitches about how she is treated. As an adult.

2) When I was little I had a friend called Margaret. Margaret's sister Lisa was about 2 years older than her. Lisa used to beat Margaret up all the time. Margaret is a stripper today. I am sure frequent childhood torture contributed to her choice of career. Though I hear it pays fantastically.

3) When I was little I had a friend called Janine. Janine's sister Roseanne was about 3 years older than her. Roseanne used to beat Janine up. It was so bad, that when Janine and I were 14 and her parents were going to Montreal or England (it was a long time ago, my memory has faded a bit), Janine had to come stay with us for 3 weeks as they were worried Roseanne would physically injure her to such an extent that police involvement would be necessary.

Plus Roseanne was really, really, really mean to me.

4) When Taylor was in 4 year old playschool and Liam was in 3 year old, they were both in a class with 2 sisters, Carrie and Sarah. Carrie, the elder sister, was so emotionally and mentally lagging behind Sarah that it was almost frightening. It was actually. And I used to think that I was so glad Liam was a boy because one day those girls would be hell to deal with as Carrie would probably be very jealous of Sarah, who would (and will) obviously do everything so much better than her sister.

I don't know why that particular one is a worry to me. I was always glad that I could use the excuse "ah well, he's a boy" if my brother was better at something that I was (say, math) and in much the same way girlfriends talk about who was the first one to french kiss a boy, I have to imagine that sisteres do as well. Wouldn't know myself, never having had one. I always wondered how terrible the older sister would feel if her sister was kissed first. Strange, I know.

Maybe I will luck out and they will get on great. Sure, they can't get on as badly as Taylor and Liam. But that's a post for another day, in the other blog. (Just let me say that both my children were satan's spawn this afternoon and spawn #1 hit spawn #2 on the back with a shovel.)

Honestly, it can't get worse.


Boliath said...

A shovel! Jesus!

I have 5 sisters, 4 of them are close in age, kind of two sets. The youngest two arew 2 years apart and you couldn't get between them with a crowbar, they lived together through college, travelled together and are still almost liek twins, they've been fantastic support for one another and the rest of the family really envy their tightness. The other set bitch about each other all the time so they don't have that twin kind of thing going on. Me and one other sister and surrounded by boys, we didn't have a sister sibling just below or above. My older sister was a bitch to me for years, she's 4 years older, there's a brother in between and man was she a nasty cow. She's much better now but phew I could tell some stories!

So I suppose it's not something you can determine one way or another, they'll either be the best of friends or not, I'm going with best of friends for your two, they'll have a common enemy in the older two that will unite them!

Emmakirst said...

I was hoping for a boy this time around too. I think you're girls will be fine. Sibling rivalry is to be expected, lol.

alissa said...

I was an absolute bitch to BOTH my brother & sister for years & years. I don't think it necessarily matters on the gender, but more of the person. I was horrible. Taunted my sister endlessly about being fat (she was - but she since lost 70 lbs & is now gorgeous), and my brother about being a loser (he really was). But now he's 24, has his MBA, and has travelled the world.