Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Doctor's appointment #2

EIGHT POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have gained 8 lbs. in one month. Let me try and put that in perspective. I gained 18 lbs in 9 months with Liam (biggest baby at 9lbs 9oz), 14 with Saoirse (8lbs 15 oz) and 13 with Taylor (7lbs 15oz). So what is the problem here? Am I just getting hugely fat (and believe me I can hardly afford an extra pound or two, let alone 8) or is this going to be a hugely gigantic baby? I am 19 weeks pregnant and measure 24.

This is terrible, just awful. If I keep at that rate for the next 4 and a bit months, I will have gained 40 lbs. How long do you think it will take me to lose that, when I am still trying to lose the weight gained after Liam's birth? Yes, I said after. The pregnancy wasn't a problem, the 10 months of breastfeeding killed me. Lose weight, my arse. Make that lose weight, my fat arse.

Everything else is fine. Blood pressure good (suprising, for the whale that I am becoming), ultrasound results fine (a 3 vessel cord- yea!) and we will talk about delivery methods when we have a better idea of baby's size.

I received an email from my aunt and uncle in England who said the following:
No point hiding the truth. It's all round the planet (except for Ray's bit)... Pauline's having a fourth grandchild. Congratulations to you both/all.
Thom says... "Emma, bless her, has filled Ma's grandchild quotient of 4, taking away from me any pressure to fill the void."

Ray would be my grandfather, who does not yet know about this imminent arrival due to a)his general grouchiness in regards to unwed parents, or
b)his hatred of all things Irish (baby's da in case you didn't know), or
c)he is still mourning the recent loss of his very lovely wife, or
d)he is just a curmedgeonly old man
It could be any one of the above or a mixture of all four.

Pauline would be my mother, the slightly unhappy future nan of four.

Thom would be my brother. When I had my first, my mum decreed that we were each allowed two children, giving her a nice number at four. Still affordable enough to enjoy shopping for them. Neither one of us listens very well.

At least some of my family members were pleasant about it!


Emmakirst said...

Don't worry about the weight gain, I know easier said then done.I had a few, FEW, appts which were all 3 wks apart with 7 lb gain, 6 lb gain and again 7 lb gain. How gross was that! And i was measuring really big. But now i am actually measuring smaller. I have an ultrasound today to make sure baby is fine.

Glad that some people in the family are happy. People are strange sometimes eh? Oh the name that I am debating on is Kylie or Gabrielle. Take care.

Emma in Canada said...

I do worry about the last few months, when I'm there every 2 weeks and then every week, if the weight gain is consistently high.

Catwoman said...

I gained a lot less weight my third trimester than I did my first and second. I was also on my way to being a whale and then it slowed down. Not sure why, because my eating didn't! So it might get better!

Boliath said...

Not sure what to tell you about the weight gain, I think I gained after the birth too, stopped breastfeeding at 7 months but kept the appetite - bastard!

9lbs 9oz!! That child owes you big time.