Tuesday, June 27, 2006

She so never said she was going to do that

Number of weeks pregnant: 34 and 2 days
Uterus measuring: 38
Blood pressure: 142/66
Weight gained: Nada, zip, zero
Weight lost: 2 lbs! Happy days! I wonder why I can't do that when I'm not pregnant.
Cervix: closed, closed, closed
Questions asked: None, I really don't have any

Today was my first "pants down" visit as the NA calls it. The doctor measured, probed and did the cervix check. She then did a swab. I wasn't thinking about it and then all of a sudden up my bum it went! I forgot all about this. It was done I am sure at my first appointment, when she actually told me what she was doing, but today was a bit of a shocker. Frankly, I like someone to tell me that something is about to enter my arse. The element of surprise is not always pleasing. As it was I was feeling very gassy so in reality she is extremely lucky I didn't fart in her face. I don't know what it is about last trimester gas, but it is most definitely not pleasing to the nose.

She asked if I still wanted to try vaginally and I said "Ach, I don't know, I change my mind everyday." And I do. What I do not want is an induction. If she does go more than 2 weeks late than I will opt for a section. I am not willing to be induced, go through 16 hours of labour and then be told that I need the section. Of course, I do realize that I could go into labour on my own and still end up with a section but somehow that doesn't seem as bad.

Anyway, back in 2 weeks. No sign of an ultrasound unless I'm measuring more than 40 weeks I assume.

Totally unrelated but just to share some of my pain and misery, since I'm sure you've come to expect it, but we are in the midst of a mini heat wave. I don't know how much warmer it is when you are pregnant but we were expected to break a record of 32.7 and I am quite sure it happened and my pregnant self registered it as at least 40. Blech. Warmer than Cancun today it was. I am hot, sweaty, sticky and stinky to be quite frank. I'd be happy with a nice 23.


Emmakirst said...

Oh nasty for the swab. My OB doesn't do those. I was VERY surprised. But when I worked in L&D i made sure I told the ladies first what i was gonna do.

The heat here is f'in gross too. The humidity is gonna kill me. It makes me terribly sick and gives me a headache. It's just awful trying to nurse in the heat too. UGH, my favorite season is the fall.

Chas said...

The heat is awful...I'm so glad I wasn't pregnant in the summer. It's been upwards of 96 here (that's 35.5 to you in Canada).