Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The 32 week appointment

Time spent in current state: 32 weeks and 3 days
Blood pressure: 128/78 (not too bad)
Weight gained: 3lbs*
Current weight: still don't know
Chance I'll find out: 100%. As if I won't be able to look at my pre-natal sheets when they give them to me.
Chance I will tell you when I find out: practically nil.
Uterus measuring: 36 weeks. After a bit of manouvering the baby on the doctor's part, it became 35.
Baby's heartrate: fast. Huh? She must've forgot her watch today and didn't time it or something.
Next appointment: 34 weeks..June 27. The dreaded pants down appointments start now.

Another quick visit. Had Saoirse with me so this was fine on my part. She mentioned something about waiting to see how big the baby was before deciding on induction or c-section, which I think she also said the last time so forgive me if I'm repeating myself, and I said that I think we would like to try and go as natural as possible this time (well, with drugs of course. I'm not crazy, people.) Seeing as how two nights ago I was perfectly willing, and in fact praying, to give birth to a 32 weeker, what do you think the chances are I will actually go to 42 should baby decide to take her time? Slim to none? That's what I say too, but we'll give it a go. You're in for alot of bitching, so to those lovely gals who said they don't mind and I can bitch away I just have to say that if you stick around I'll adore you all forever.

*3 lbs. Figuring that you gain about a pound a week in the last couple of months -until you start losing of course- 2 lbs should have been about right. So where did that extra pound come from? I can tell you. It was that half slab of brownies. Oh, butter cream chocolate chunk, look at how much I loved only tiny slices to Taylor and Liam and none to William who didn't like you anyway, and only wee bites to Saoirse...saving most for me, and what do you do, butter cream chocolate chuck? How do you reward me for my adoration?? You add a pound to my already chunky frame. Thanks. Thanks alot. My thighs and I will really have to reconsider our relationship with you. I think we might be kaput, which sort of breaks my heart.


Hoping said...

Ha! of course I will stay around and listen to you is entertaining to say the least. Glad the brownies were good!

Catwoman said...

I also enjoy some bitching, considering that I have to listen to my own all day, so it's refreshing to listen to someone else's for a change. If you're 4/5 of the way there, why the hell is that last fifth feels 10 times as long as the rest of the pregnancy??? That was one of those mysteries of the world I pondered those last weeks of my own pregnancy...