Sunday, June 25, 2006

34 is a lovely number

We've made it to 34 weeks, and I would say that anytime this baby is ready so is her mother.

Minus the fact that I am not ready for the big move, but whatever, it just means I will be very dependant on my mother's help in packing and cleaning. It would probably be for the best really, as she and William together would just throw everything away, leaving me no option about being indecisive and keeping toys that are now 11 years old. I kept alot of stuff after Taylor and Liam thinking that if I ever had another baby I might want to use it. Here's the reality...there are not many outfits that were cute in 1995 that are still cute now. Except for the lovely blue knit Gap sweater that I even put Liam in. Only once, then I realized that clothes really are not gender neutral. As for toys, Saoirse will get plenty of her own dolls and cars and whatnot. Though I am glad I kept most of Taylor and Liam's books, because books are bloody expensive now and at the time I had a 30% discount. Anyway, my point was that should baby arrive early my mum and William will just throw all my crap away. Of which I have alot.

Things are going very well, with the exception of my desire to take afternoon naps and the fact that I can not lie on my back for even a minute without an attack of sciatica on my left side. Massage has been recommended and if it weren't for the fact that my fat arse would have to be touched I might actually consider it. I don't want to hear anyone puking into a bucket because they are forced to touch my bum.

Doctor's appointment on Tuesday so talk then.

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