Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What to do with this blog?

This blog was meant to be a pregnancy journal and now that the pregnancy is over I am not really sure where to go with it. I originally started a new blog because I was not overly happy about being pregnant and it wasn't something I really wanted to discuss in the other blog. (Funny that I was so upset then now I can't imagine my life without Sophie in it. Surprises always turn out to be the best things.) I can not just update about Sophie on here, which is what I've been doing. I think I am going to do one final post and then that'll be it. Sophie is six weeks old tomorrow and I still have not written her birth story. It's not as though it was traumatic or anything and so before I foget absolutely everything I had better do it.

And eventually I will. One day when I have a wee bit of time to sit back and remember.


Gill said...

well its good to read your stories, i found
your blog address from my daughter-in-laws blog comments... your due dates were the same!
so here am i learning to be a a new nana of a baby girl about the same age as your sophie. so i'm just smitten with little babies at the moment - congratulations i think you have the most gorgeous family!!!!

Emmakirst said...

I enjoy both of your blogs. You could always just keep it as updates on Sophie. Either way, I'll be reading. :)

Susan in va said...

I'm with emmakirst - I have both of your pages bookmarked. I enjoy them both.

Stacey said...

I love birth stories...bring it on!