Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sophie will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. She has a hideous case of baby acne, so terrible I can not even post a picture of her until it has cleared. If this were a sign of her teenage years, the poor girl would be on serious medication. I mean, I'm her mother and even I don't think she's cute at the moment. I know. Terrible.

We went to Weight and See yesterday, she is now 10lbs 4 oz. I saw a lactation consultant as I thought I might have a plugged duct. I was actually in the hospital Saturday night because I thought it was mastitis. I had a fever of 41.1. (That'd be around 104 for the Americans out there.) I had a totally useless resident whose first words to me were "I know nothing about this." Thanks. Inspiring confidence in the masses I am sure. And why, oh why, do residents work 24 hours shifts? The poor guy was tired, he repeated the same questions and he did absolutely NOTHING for me. I didn't even see the actual doctor. This is what he came back. "Dr. R. says that if you're feeding off that breast it's not plugged." Ummmm...thanks again. What about the fact that three hours ago I could not feed off of that breast and in fact the bloody thing wasn't even leaking at all? What about that fever, the highest my temperature has ever been? Did I say anything? Of course not! I am me after all.

The lactation consultant was great, except for the fact that my boob was shown for all to see. A duct was plugged and it was my fault because the baby still isn't latching properly and because I hold my breast everytime and have actually stopped up a duct by doing so. Loser.

And that's about it. She's doing pretty well, still sleeping nights and little during the day.


Emmakirst said...

I must agree about the whole resident thing. Obviously something waw wrong when you had that high of a temp! Hopefully that won't happen again.

Susan in va said...

Sounds like mastitis to me. When my sister-in-law had it, her fever was 104 (thanks for the temperature translation, btw). You poor thing! Sounds like you and emmakirst have had a bad week :(

Silly Hily said...

Silly Boy has acne too. Bless his heart, I guess he got my oily skin.
Hope things get better.