Tuesday, September 05, 2006


She wouldn't smile for me at all today but her dad had no such problems. I caught the tail end of this one.

I took Sophie and Saoirse over to Weight and See this afternoon. I was surprised to see she weighs 9lbs 12oz. We missed it last week, but I am assuming most of the weight gain came this past week, it seems all she's being doing is eating and sleeping. Considering her inital weight loss she has now gained 2lbs 3oz in just over 3 weeks. Not so shabby for a kid who still has a crap latch.

She slept through the night again, from 10- 6.30. I am so loving this girl. Oh, and we've lost the dummy but she doesn't seem to bothered without it. I am very pleased about this.


Kathy said...

Goodness, you're lucky with this one! Already sleeping through the night, gaining weight like you're going to cut her food off anytime, content without the pacifier in her mouth, and oh, so cute. You hit the jackpot this time.

Emmakirst said...

She's gorgeous! That smile is just too cute. :) She reminds me of our newest baby, she's by far the best out of the 4 for behaviour, better sleeper, no sookie, a dream come true.