Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The first appointment

I had my doctor's appointment today.

I was not long getting in at all, it was very quiet. A change, as it is usually madly busy.

I had to do all the prenatal stuff...how long were the previous pregnancies, family history and so on.

"Do you smoke?" the girls says.

"No." Never have, wee angel I am.

"Have you drank during this pregnancy?"


"Any drug use?"


What must this girl be thinking of me?

"...oh wait, I did have a few drinks on Christmas day, and I'm quite sure I was pregnant then. And no, no drugs."

That's another truth. I was always afraid of looking the eejit around my slightly more street wise friends.

"Ah good, I was sort of wondering there."

I'm sure she was, and probably thinks I am some mad addict.

We go into the room and she takes my blood pressure, not half bad at 118 over 68. Well, the 68's a bit low, but who worries about that one? I wait for the doctor.

Dreading it.

And it wasn't too bad, she looked at my stomach, briefly felt it and said "20 weeks." "What?????" I practically yelled. "No, no that must just be fat."

She wasn't buying it. She did say something about multiple pregnancies increase the chance of twins.

God forbid.

But she only heard one heartbeat. This baby is just like it's big sister. She told it to stop moving away from her, which is exactly what Saoirse used to do. Taylor and Liam could be found right away.

She says "You've had forceps, vaccum and a section...how do you think this one is going to go?"

"Probably a section." Honestly, I am not so sure I could go through 17 hours of labour again, just to have them tell me that the baby is not progressing. I'm not a fan of sections at all, so I'll have to do alot of thinking on this one.

"If it is a section do you want your tubes tied?"

Yes." Not a moment's hesitation from me. I don't think it's what William wants, though he said it was up to me but that he most certainly wouldn't be doing anything to his body. But four kids. That's enough for anyone I think. I'm not that good a Catholic.

She figures my due date is early July, I have it as early September. Someone is very very wrong. I have an ultrasound scheduled for March 6 so we won't know until then. And I think I'll find out the sex. It looks like we will not be agreeing on names, so we might as well eliminate some of the battle.


Boliath said...

Bloody hell! 20 weeks! Do you not remember when you last had a period? You're gas! Glad it went well and you heard the galloping creature under the sea - that's what the heartbeat always sounded like to me. Those bloody p-n-vits always stopped me up if you know what I mean, thank the gods for metamucil :c)

Emma in Canada said...

Well I thought it was in October. And then I had 4 days of bleeding in December. I convinced myself it was a period. Then I convinced myself it was implantation. Now I just don't know.

Boliath said...

Oh well, it could be a blessing, you have less of a pregnancy now in a way, or less timie to go if that makes any sense :c)

Emma in Canada said...

I can't not believe I am half way through. Which is sort of nice. What is not so nice is that I will not have the hours to qualify for maternity leave. I was counting on lots of hours over the summer when everyone goes on holiday. Ah well.