Monday, February 06, 2006

Finally...the first doctor's appointment

No, I've not been yet but I finally made an appointment to see my doctor. I think that's a step in the right direction.

Got a bit of attitude from the receptionist. God, I hate that girl. She made me feel very small for not calling sooner. Well, sorry but if your line wasn't constantly busy, I'd have been through ages ago. I think she just takes the phone off the hook when the doctor is at a delivery. Which seems to be quite often as I constantly see her at the hospital. And if memory serves correctly, I once had a two hour wait for her.

Ah the joys of pregnancy.


Boliath said...

It's been a week - a whole week - have you been to the doc yet? Forget the receptionist, sounds like a small brain in a position of perceived authority, hereforeafter referred to SBIPPA, kinda sounds like spitball without the ll...anyway get thee to a doctor woman, I know it's #4 and you're an expert but still, you need to get on the books, be taking the horse pills - sorry prenatal vits and all that good stuff...AND I WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOU'RE DUE...? Think that might be handy for you too - no?

Emma in Canada said...

Can't beleive I forgot to put in the date of the appointment...Valentine's Day. Will post about it tomorrow night.

You know, I couldn't stomach the prenatal vitamins with any of my kids, they made me sick as all sin. I don't think I'll even bother this time. Might sounf callous of me, but I do have three very healthy children.