Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Weight and See

I took Sophie and Saoirse over to the health clinic about 6 blocks away from our house. They have a program for newborns called "Weight and See" which you can use until the baby is 8 weeks old. They weigh them, obviously, and help you out with breastfeeding or whatever. Sophie weighed 8lbs at birth and was 7lbs 9oz at 3 days. Today, at 12 days, she is 8lbs 3oz. They were pleased with this as they expect them to be at birth weight by 10 days. I had no questions about breastfeeding, although she still doesn't have the perfect latch, but it isn't hurting and obviously she is gaining.

I booked her shots on my way out. They are scheduled for October 11th. Poor baby, I feel for her already. I was going to have Saoirse weighed as well as I think she has suddenly put on a lot of weight but that could simply be because she seems giant compared to Sophie. Needless to say, she was in no mood to be weighed.

I am supposed to be having someone come out to the house for 3 hours tomorrow afternoon. This is another program offered by Capital Health. Because I had a c-section and have a toddler at home I am entitled to 15 hours home help. They will come out and clean or watch your kids. I don't know why I said yes, I am not one for making converstaion with strangers, plus as I pointed out to her I would have to have my house clean prior to her arrival, not have her do it. She said "We don't like to see a clean house, then we know you've been doing too much." My main floor is fine, God forbid if she were to go upstairs where not one of the four bedrooms is completely unpacked. So I really have nothing for her to do. I don't want her doing my laundry, Saoirse would not stay alone with her so that I could nap (and I would LOVE a nap) and I have nothing else to be done. I don't have a number to cancel it though.

Other than that, all is well with the baby, she is actually sleeping on her own which is astounding as most of this week she will only sleep near me during the day. Mostly doing well at night, slept from 9-4 last night and again from 4.30-8.


Emmakirst said...

Yay Sophie for gaining back her birth weight. Glad the nursing is going well. She's doing something right by the weight gain. I'll comment here, since my pc is an ass, she's gorgeous and your family pic is cute. You look great in it, don't be so darn hard on yourself, hell you just went through major surgery! :)

Hoping said...

Emma you should really just let the lady do 15 hours of housework for you.....she has seen worse and it 15 more hours you can spend with your kids.....think about it.

Silly Hily said...

15 hours! Even though I couldn't take advantage of this b/c I didn't have a c-section, I still think Canada rocks for offering that. I was totally born in the wrong country.

Catwoman said...

Sigh... You're really making me want to have baby number 2 in Canada!

Susan in va said...

Boy! She sleeps better than my 2 year old.