Thursday, August 17, 2006

Loving Sophie

It's been a week. I have fallen madly in love. There were moments throughout this pregnancy when I wondered if I would resent her because the timing seemed so terrible. I wondered if either William or I could love her as much as Saoirse. There is a Family Circus strip from years and years ago where a woman asks the mum how she divides her love amongst four children and she says "I don't divide it. I multiply it." How very true this is. I can not imagine my life without her. And I'm even glad she's a girl.

I do wish we had called her Aisling though, or Caoimhe, or something that did not start with an S because I am constantly caling her Saoirse. The poor girl will have a complex. Plus the whole name is so very, very English. Which pleases my mother to no end. And should pacify my grandfather somewhat when he finally finds out about this as yet unknown of eighth great grandchild.

I'm thrilled with how well the others have taken to her, especially Saoirse. We expected a lot of jealousy but she has been pretty good. She always gives Sophie a kiss and hug when she goes out or up to bed. She is still Daddy's girl though and we will have to see if she lets Sophie join that club.

To our lovely Sophie....happy 1 week birthday. We look forward to the next 51, and all the weeks after that.

The first picture is at one day old.
The second is Sophie at 3 days with a comparison picture of Saoirse at 4 days old. See how much bigger Saoirse was in the face?
The third was at 6 days, they both fell asleep on the sofa and were looking pretty freaking cute. And yea, I know the sofa's a piece of crap. Ignore it. I am aiming for leather, which is at least washable.


Catwoman said...

That last picture of the two of them is too cute! Glad you're loving motherhood as much the fourth time around!

Hoping said...

so happy for you emma you have such a perfect and loving family.

Red Mum said...

I met up with Boliath on Wednesday evening with another pal of ours and she told me she had stopped by here and seen you had your baby.

And ohhhhh what a beautiful baby, she is absolutely gorgeous. Well done you! She is a stunner.

Silly Hily said...

I love the last pic of them asleep on the couch. I'm pretty sure I got one of Silly Girl and Silly Boy like that.
By the way, I love the name Sophie (esp b/c I can pronounce it, hehe).

Susan in va said...

Tooooo precious!! I love these pictures. How do you pronounce the name "Saoirse"?

And about your sofa - mine's a piece of crap too....and I'm also holding out for leather :)

Emma in Canada said...

I've heard it pronounced a few different ways, we say it like "Sor-sha". My father speaks Irish and that is how he says it. The proper way is like "seer-sha."

Susan in va said...

How beautiful! I love it :)

I have a niece named "Cymric" (Welsh, pronounced SIM-rik). She's been called all kinds of crazy things.

Thanks for the info - now when I'm reading, I will say it correctly in my head :)

alissa said...

Sophie is absolutly adorable!!! And you should definitely get a leather couch. I don't have one either, and there are times when I sure wish I did - especially now that Emma has taken to violently shaking her sippy cups everywhere she goes.

Chas said...

She's a beauty!