Monday, August 07, 2006

Still no baby

It's true. There is not a baby. It appears no baby has any intentions of arriving. Perhaps this pregnancy is a figment of my imagination.

The chafing however is not.

As my stomach has grown slightly larger than normal (read hugely larger) and my boobs, never perky at the best, have gotten slightly bigger it appears that boobs and stomach have decided to meet and hang out together. My skin is not enjoying this meeting of body parts at all. My bras are in revolt and are refusing to allow me to wear them. Unless it's absolutely necessary and I have to go out in public. Although wearing one yesterday was such a terrible experience that I took it off as discreetly as humanly possible in the middle of a croweded park.

So I am begging this baby to arrive soon so that my stomach can go back to its somewhat flabby state, but at least it will be away from my breasts.

Plus I'd kind of like to see her.


Hoping said...

really hoping soon for you, good luck!

Emmakirst said...

Oh goodness, hope you had her by now!

Emma in Canada said...

Nope no baby yet. One day.