Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Whinge, whingier, whingiest...

...oh, who is the Queen of Whinging?

Why me of course.

I am sick, sick as a dog. I have been since Thursday. I have, of all bloody things, undiagnosed smoker's hacking cough. Which is sort of funny, seeing as a cigarette has never crossed these pristine lips.

So tell me why I sound as though I have emphysma and am going to hack up a lung any moment? Why is it that I wake up between 3.30 and 4 every single morning to cough up phlegm which feels as though it is shreding my throats to bits? And why is it that when I cough I pee myself? And why, oh why, can I not fall back asleep after I have blown my nose for 10 minutes, peed some more, and coughed up enough phlegm to make an old barrel chested man jealous and changed my pajamas? Is it because the moment I lie down the whole process begins again? It might have something to do with it. And because I have discovered that it is impossible to clear your throat and cough quietly I end up getting up so I don't wake up the other two in the bed. I slept an extra half hour this morning, from 7.30- 8.00 and then Saoirse was up. And so was I as I had a shit load of packing to do. Did I do it? No, not really...I put most of it off until this evening.

I had my 37 week appointment today, I left Saoirse at home with Taylor; it was rather pleasant having that hour to myself. HA...how said is that? Anyway, she sort of freaked me out. She said "You're okay for this week, but we'll see what happens next week." By the time that sank in she was gone. I'm very slow on the uptake. I think she was saying that I might want to consider being induced next week. Soooooo against my plans. First off, I will be in the midst of both cleaning this house and unpacking the new one. Second, I don't want to be induced. As my mother very sensibly pointed out however, I am not sleeping and I am a bit of a miserable bitch. Not that she called me a miserable bitch, but she hinted. My doctor said that the longer I go, the harder the labour will be. I suppose labour is meant to be hard and there is a reason women often choose drugs. I did tell her that I don't want to be induced and if it's late I want a section. Wimp? Yes I am.

Gained 3 lbs this week. That's what I get for bragging about losing the previous weeks. My uterus is measuring 38 weeks still, so that means no change since week 34. Odd. Baby is at -2, cervix is closed tight. You see, if it was up to my body the baby would stay there forever more.

Back next Tuesday, the day after moving day. I may just say "Rip it out now."

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