Tuesday, July 11, 2006

36 week appointment

# weeks pregnant: 36 and 2 days
Weight lost: 1 lb
Current weight: Not quite as high as I thought, but too high to admit to you all just how fat I am. Just a note that I started this pregnancy out weighing 10lbs MORE than I did at 9 months pregnant with Saoirse. Sad, sad, sad.
Total weight gain thus far: 10 lbs, minus 3 lost = 7 lbs.
Blood pressure: 132/68
Uterus measuring: 38 (same as 2 weeks ago)
Test results: negative for Group B Strep.

So the baby has dropped. None of my others had dropped by this point so this is a pleasant surprise. The doctor estimates about 8lbs, but I am leaning more towards 9. We will see. Back again next Tuesday.

It has been a totally crappy week. I am pretty sure I have hemorrhoids, which would be another first. I was too embarassed to ask her to check. Packing and trying to keep the house at any level of cleanliness is almost impossible, and the whole move has both William and I stressed out and snapping at each other constantly. Ah well, hopefully the move will go well and we can enjoy the last few weeks of this pregnancy. Which I have decided will definitely be my last. I can not do this again.

We will have her by August 18th at the latest. Because I don't want to be induced I am hoping to go into labour before the 2 weeks are up. However, because my 42 weeks falls on a Sunday and because my doctor only does scheduled sections on Thursday and Fridays, I would have the section at 12 days post 40 weeks. I really don't want to go over the 42 weeks, after reading up on it, there is potentially alot that could go wrong.


Emmakirst said...

Wow, I can't believe how close you are to having this baby! Yah, I was like you with the old hemorroids, definately a first with my last and final pregnancy!

Boliath said...

Oh sweetie, I had roids all through my pregnancy, they are a killer. Get thee hence to a chemist immeditaely and get Preparation H, that stuff is golden! Bring it everywhere with you and every single time you wipe, put a bit more in and on your back door, it works quickly and you will be a happy girl in no time.