Thursday, August 31, 2006

What NOT to do with your 20 day old baby

It appears that Sophie has mastered the art of the quarter roll. Lying on her back, she throws her arm down over her tummy and rolls onto her side. She has being doing this for ages. Well, ages in the life of a 3 week old, which would be about 2 weeks. Until last night though, she always ended up right back on her back as she came up just a wee bit short of fully being on her side.

I lay her on the sofa as I always do, and went to get her sleeper off the other sofa. And then I heard the dreaded sound. THUNK. Followed by a second of silence and then the loudest scream I have heard out of her yet. When I turned around she was on her tummy on the floor. Yikes.

I think that all of my children have fallen off the couch at one time or another. But never at 3 weeks. Needless to say I was feeling terrible. She stopped crying the moment I picked her up and for the next two hours, everytime she fell asleep I would get all worried and eventually wake her up. I thought about calling the Healthy Beginnings number, but decided that I was being a complete eejit. When I took her up to bed I had a hard time falling asleep and kept touching her stomach to make sure she was breathing. She woke up at 3.30 and I was so happy she was alright that I wasn't even bothered by the fact that she woke up and hour and half earlier than normal. She ate and went back to sleep and I kept her in my arms. When she woke up at 7.30 I fed her while lying in bed, the first time she has done that. And that is the second best thing about breast feeding...not having to get up to feed. We then had a lovely lie in until 9.30 when Saoirse woke up.

She has been fine all day, no problems for her fall. It was our first Britney Spears moment with many to follow I am sure.


Hoping said...

hahahaha you called it a Britney Spears moment,,,,,I love it!

Catwoman said...

Yup! That was my biggest realization a few months into motherhood... That it was ok to screw up!

Mine rolled right off our very high king-size bed when he was four or five months old. Hubby forgot to put a pillow on the edge after he got up. I was woken up by the thud and then the wails. I freaked out, but there he was, laying on his back like a turtle on the soft cushy doggy bed. I was so relieved that I started laughing. Which really is quite the Britney Spears reaction to nearly killing your child.

Whenever I do crap like that, I'm just thankful that I've got too much cellulite to ever be of interest to the papparazzi.

Susan in va said...

"Britney Spears moment" - ROFL!! Is that what it's called now? I've had a few (dozen) of those myself.

Chas said...

Oh my...a Britney Spears moment :). We had one of those this weekend at our house too. It's SO scarey!!

random_mommy said...

I smashed my baby's finger in the fridge... to the point where the fingernail fell off. I made my husband smash his finger in there, to see how bad it hurt. He screamed like a little girl. I never felt so bad. (Yet slightly amused at husband screaming like a girl)

Emmakirst said...

Oh we all have em'. That was just her first of many ;) Too darn funny the whole reference to "britney spears". hehe.